Bended Recycled Furniture Design by Livy Haerer

Bended is a Recycled Furniture Design by Livius Haerer which is part of a series of recent furniture pieces he has completed.


“Since opening my own design studio in 2012 I’ve been experimenting with different materials to realize various designs. Let me show you my latest project: “bended” – a desk and bench made from recycled plastic For the “bended” series I used recycled PVC plastic board. The intention behind the concept was to find the shortest possible route from waste to new furniture and to minimize the amount of interventions required to achieve a finished piece of furniture. The recycled plastic used was initially shredded and pressed into boards. The only manipulation of the prefabricated boards was to then bend them into shape. The amount of plastic used in the desk equals one year of plastic waste of an average European person.”


“The “bended” project can also be seen in an exhibition in the Fine Furrniture Gallery Berlin, along with other recycled furniture from designers designers Remy & Veenhuizen, Benjamin Rollins Caldwell, Jens Praet, Johannes Hemann, Oona Linke and Livius Haerer. Each present unique works that address the theme of reuse, recycling and repurposing. Using such disparate elements as shredded paper, recycled computer parts, recycled plastic, fabric, glass and beech wood, the designers have each produced works intended to reevaluate how the common and ordinary can be turned into functional works of art.”




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