Falmouth University Illustration Graduate Natalie Pickering

Natalie Pickering is an artist and illustrator, based in Birmingham, UK.

‘Through simplifying and focusing on the essence of the subject, I like to create both conceptual and decorative imagery that can be used in a range of contexts. Having graduated from Falmouth University in 2013, I am currently developing my painting style based around my interests in different cultures and the natural landscape. I intend to explore how I can portray the figure in particular, using techniques that capture the expressive qualities of the medium.


An important feature in my work is an atmosphere and a sense of place. I like to create depth by selecting particular color palette’s and combining these with traditional brush strokes and mark making techniques. \


Acrylic paint and ink are the two main types of media I use; they allow me to be as abstract or as representational as I like. I aim to create a balance between the two, maintaining the accuracy, but also capture the fluidity and energy within the medium.



This abstract quality to some of my work can allow for quite ambiguous imagery, which has proved interesting when I have been creating some of my more conceptual work. I hope to push this style further, and intend to get involved with collaborations and creative opportunities that could complement my work and interests.’


Website | @Nat_Pickering