Fashion & Commercial Photographer James Jebson

James Jebson is an editorial, fashion & commercial photographer based in the North West of England.

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‘Every day I appreciate what an extremely fortunate position I’m in – to be travelling to stunning locations, meeting some awesome characters, hearing their journey and what drives them – all while doing the thing that I LOVE doing each day. The last eighteen months for me has been especially crazy, probably since becoming more involved in the use of both medium & large format cameras.

This in turn created a shift in both my shooting style as well as my post production work. Using film naturally slows the operator down – something that I feel is essential in a modern digital world where its easy to be ‘trigger happy’ and ‘fix it after the event’. While studying for the first year of my Photography degree at Blackpool & The Fylde College, I was taught by a brilliant lecturer who passed his great passion & drive for the use of this format directly onto me and in turn inspired this change in my style.’

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‘In my current personal projects, I am working on images that create a clear juxtaposition between subject & scene – something that is by no means a new concept, but one that I feel has real scope and intrigue for an audience and can be developed by our ever changing landscape. This put together with my love of fashion and trends, really allows me to combine a number of my passions.

One of my great influences has to be Annie Leibovitz. Firstly she’s lived a ridiculously cool life – touring with the Rolling Stones and documenting their adventures in such an accepted way, but also I remember when I first saw the very famous image of George Clooney shooting a scene, which she captured for Vanity Fair magazine. I was instantly attracted to the grand scale of the production along with the textures that make ‘a Leibovitz’ so special. The largely critiqued Disney series is also a big inspiration for my own work, and one day I hope to create an image that makes the audience question whether it is a photograph or a painting in the same way some do with her work.’

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