Freelance Illustrator & Animator Kingman Cheng

Kingman Cheng is a freelance illustrator and animator who graduated from Loughborough University School of Art and Design in 2009 with a (BA) Illustration with Animation.


‘Like many illustrators before me I grew up drawing all the time and I knew this course was right for me! I discovered that as well as drawing I also enjoyed the thought process, idea generation and working with narrative.

After graduation I worked for a different university where I spent most of my time doing web and user interface designs. Although I had no problem with the work I was doing, I could not see myself doing this sort of work in an office environment 50 years down the line!

In mid 2012 I was asked by The Little Unsaid to produce an animation for a music video, so I decided to give that a go and I started animating again. We entered the animation into screenings and competitions and my work was screened at many venues, including Piccadilly Circus in London after winning an IdeasTap brief. At the end of that year when my job contract ended I hit a fork in the road and I decided take the dive into uncertainty. I was lucky to have been discovered by another talented band called Scowlin Owl. I produced a music video for them which was inspired by Japanese ink paintings and cinema.’

‘I am influenced by practically anything I’ve seen or experienced in my life. To just name a few I love old folk tales, history, culture, movies and even childhood memories or conversations I’ve had! I definitely have an eye for movement which is probably largely thanks to all those martial arts movies I used to watch when I was a kid (thanks Bruce Lee!). I love watching videos and pausing to sketch those poses that are hard to imagine in your head without reference.

I have even taken a small step back recently and completed a fun web design job for Dead Good Agency where I also had to design characters to fit to style of the website. Currently I am working on another two music videos for different artists. My aim right now is to really keep doing what I’m doing now and entering festivals. If time allows I am also hoping to produce something to submit to Cannes Film Festival!’




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