Freelance Illustrator Joanna Keys

Joanna Keys is a freelance illustrator originally from Malvern, who recently graduated from the University for the Creative Arts in Maidstone.


‘When creating my work I tend to use watercolours and a 2B pencil, and then photoshop just to place the imagery, or to get rid of any mistakes. I use my own handwriting within my work because I feel it makes it more personal, as opposed to a ready-made typeface, which I’ve always felt is too much of a juxtoposition in styles, for my work personally.

One of my favourite things to do is observe situations unfolding around me, and draw out humour from totally banal, everyday occurrences, whether it be from an overheard conversation, or a scene in the street. I usually base my work around people as they absolutely fascinate me, I love the idea that somebody’s normal is another person’s weird. I like making stories and using words, but also the idea of letting the imagery do most of the work.’


‘I love simplicity, and draw inspiration from the young British Artists, Warhol, and David Shrigley, also a vast amount of children’s book illustrators, Quentin Blake, and Babette Cole, just to mention a couple. Children’s books are a massive inspiration for me, as I like naïve stories, and the focus being on the image rather than necessarily the words.’


6 and 12

Website | @JoannaKeys

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