Freelance Illustrator Sam Rowe

Sam Rowe is a freelance illustrator and 3rd year Illustration student from Plymouth University.


‘At the moment I tend to cover quite a broad base with my work and generally use a combination of traditional and digital media. I enjoy trying to strike an organic combo of both. I love using graphite and other dry dusty things and smudging them everywhere.

I’m currently studying my final year of an Illustration Degree at Plymouth University and it’s great. I almost can’t believe how much I’ve learned and I feel pretty well equipped to deal with the real world of illustration. I’m quite heavily influenced by things of a picture-booky nature and stuff that you can’t explain or quantify. This means subtle surrealism and interesting thoughts and feelings. I’m a big fan of work by Shaun Tan, Sam Wolfe-Connelly, Chris Van Alsburg, Jeff Simpson, Thomas Scholes, Jamie Mills, Jim Kay and so many more.’






‘Currently I’m working on producing a wordless book for a silent book competition, redoing a cover for Dorian Grey and trying to get my head around writing a dissertation on drawing. Busy, but good-busy.’

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