Illustrator and Maker Jess Procter of London College of Communication

Currently writing and illustrating a children’s guide to the solar system for her final major project at London College of Communications, Jess Procter is an illustrator and maker who has just completed a year in creative industry.

bear-jessica procter

‘I have just finished a year in the creative industry where I did numerous internships and got to work with some great creative. I am now back at university to finish my degree at the London College of Communications. My work has greatly changed over the course of this year and I feel the hands on experience have really helped me develop as a person and in my work. My work consists of over many mediums and I like to mix and match with processes, which makes my work quite unique. I love to create cutouts and shadow art, which can spread to 3D working models to flat illustration. Paper is one of my favourite mediums and collaging as many textures I can get my hands on! The year in industry gave me a chance to use all my skills and styles in different areas, one of my recent projects was a collaboration with WeAreLaura where I built a series of paper sculptures and digitally collaged for POP-UP Festival.

I am heavily influenced by narrative based artists such as Oliver Jeffers and Chris Haughton. I think narrative runs through a lot of my work, which might be why I love book artists so much. My favourite designers would have to be Tonje Holand and Ingrid Reithaug who run Darling Clementine who make the most beautiful stationery and products. I aspire to have my own illustrated product line one day and they are a huge inspiration.’

paper scupture-jessica procter

‘I am currently writing and illustrating a children’s guide to the solar system for one of my final major projects, I have always dreamed of one day illustrating a book and an internship at Walker book publishing house has inspired me to make it a reality. The illustrations for my space project were all hand carved in lino first then printed and scanned into Photoshop for editing, I really enjoy working this way as it allows me to get lovely grainy textures and have fun with the printing process rather than sit on the computer all day. It’s a balance between digital and printmaking for me. ‘

asteroid belt-jessica procter

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fox pattern-Jessica Procter

space project-jessica procter

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