Creative Partnership Reetso: Lucy Courtney-Clegg and Alice Withers

Reetso began when Lucy and Alice started working together in our final year at Leeds Metropolitan University studying Graphic Arts and Design.


‘It’s quite a free course, and during the three years Lucy had enjoyed building and destroying furniture, meanwhile Alice had stumbled into giving impromptu performances in lifts. We joined together through a love of curating. We headed a project where we curated an evening in a local independent gallery space, which involved current students work, alongside a program of talks and performance. We invited local practitioners and organisations to come and amuse us on anything related to the theme of objects. We called it Thingymajigology. Since then we’ve been inseparable.

We take inspiration from a range of sources, lots of contemporary artists Lucy and Jorge Orta, Jeremy Deller and architects like The Decorators. Our work is usually inspired by the world around us, trying to make things more playful, or make people think differently about everyday things. More and more graphic designers are branching out beyond what is usually considered graphic design, our philosophy is; we dream it and then we do it. We will respond to almost any type of artistic brief.’


‘We’re very inspired by Britain and focused our recent work for Beacons festival around wacky english traditions. We created the ‘Reetso Embassy’ a small furnished shed where festival go-ers could come and complete their unregulation ID cards and flags, a very popular activity. We also facilitated a vegetable sports day where you could play butternut squash skittles and cabbage boules. We collected the ‘National Statistics of Beacons’ in a special shed installation, and came to the conclusion that Garlic Mayo is the favourite condiment, and that Beacons festival go-ers rate themselves 8 out of 10.

Currently we’ve been working on the roof garden of Leeds newest music venue ‘Belgrave Music Hall and Canteen’ creating some interesting decor elements to add to their fun colourful roof top garden as well as looking at implementing some interesting handmade furniture and decor for their garden sheds.

We’re looking forward to spending the next year submerging ourselves in the Leeds art scene, concentrating on more workshops and interactive interventions in public. It’s an exciting place to live at the moment with new things going on all the time, and we’re glad that we’re going to be a part of it!’




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