Dublin based Illustrator Tarsila Krüse

Tarsila Krüse is a Dublin-based illustrator, originally from São Paulo, Brazil she has been living in Ireland since 2007. ‘I’m a member of Illustrators Ireland and one of the founding members for the Blind Elephant Collective.’


‘Growing up I have been very much influenced by my family – my mother who is an artist, my father who works in advertising and my uncle who was an art critic and photographer. I’ve grown up going to exhibitions and art museums and I loved it! The world of expression has always been of great interest to me.

I’ve been drawing since I can remember – on the walls, on my toys and on most of my school (and university) materials, but I never thought I’d actually venture into illustration and I have no formal training into it. Both my degrees, one in Languages – Portuguese and English; and the other in Digital Communication and Multimedia Design don’t seem to have much in common with what I do now but they lie within the realm of communication, which is one of the sides of illustration.’


‘My work is very much about characters and storytelling. I love the way a character can create ideas and feelings and to me relationships are the foundation of much of what we feel and do and they tell a story within themselves. What I aim to do is to express the best of these relationships and characters through my work.

I have just recently been part of the Art of Superstition exhibition by Illustrators Ireland in Dublin and I’ve been working on an educational project for the Irish Road Safety Authority. I’ve also been developing new ideas for the Blind Elephant Collective, including a very exclusive Alice in Wonderland themed illustration.’





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