Graphic Design Student Zoe Phare

Studying at the University of South Wales; Zoe Phare is a graphic designer who is starting to find her feet as a designer both as a freelancer and student.


‘I’m a 22 year old Graphic Communication student at the Atrium, University of South Wales. I like to cover all bases in graphic design from branding to web design, but I have a real love for typography and hand lettering. Recently, I’ve just finished two projects, one in university for the Penguin book design competition and another as a freelance designer, which was a rebrand and EP design for a local band.’


‘Currently, I’m working on my Minor project for my last year in university, which is a student charity scheme. As well as my minor brief, I’m also simultaneously working on a website for an architect company that should be up and running by Christmas, so watch this space.’


‘When I’m struggling for inspiration I look through websites like Behance, Pinterest and Tumblr, it’s also good to keep socially networking. As long as you follow design based blogs and pages you’ll have an endless supply of inspiration at your fingers tips, so I always revert to those if I ‘hit the wall.’ I also keep design books handy for inspiration, any books by Steven Heller are usually helpful.

My favourite ultimate favourite designer is Jessica Hische, her work is so inspiring and is where my love for hand lettering came from. Some other designers I like at the moment are Mary Kate McDevitt, Ged Palmer, Xesta Studio, Carla Cobas, Danielle Aldrich and Rice Creative.’


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