Graphics and Communication Designer Geneva Stanton

Geneva Stanton is a recently graduated designer in graphic and communication design from The University of Leeds.


‘When trying to answer a brief I always look at the problem, look at my initial ideas and think ‘why does anyone care?’. No one will ever take an interest if your work doesn’t spark up curiosity, a benefit or an emotion for the viewer, so I create work based on this theory. I’d say my work tends to be colourful, and a little manic at times, I tend to put a lot more thought into the idea than the graphic outcome. Its not as clean cut and well finished as a lot of typical graphics work but I would always aim for my work to have a personality over being pretty. I’d say if I’ve made one person laugh, cry or learn something new then I have done my job as a designer!

My work is often the outcome of a problem or challenge. For my final project I wanted to explore something instead and find out something new. I stumbled across a condition called Synesthesia which by when one sense is stimulated then another, completely unrelated sense reacts (for example some synesthetes can taste words!) This sparked the idea of a book that aims to visualise, advertise and help people understand what 28 participants from study on Synesthesia experience. I also created a box with products inside that translate the condition into a physical form.’


‘I couldn’t pin point one influence, even just a few for my work! I think my own life experiences are the main inspiration for my ideas along with other artwork, film, television, music and books. I have always been a huge fan of Tim Walker’s work, it’s so out of this world and taps into your inner child which I love.

I am hoping to go into a creative role within social media. I’ve always been interested in advertising and am constantly using social media so combining the two and entering a communications agency seems like the perfect fit for me!’





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