London College of Communication Graduate James Sanderson

James Sanderson is a recent graduate from the London College of Communication (University of the Arts London), where he studied on the Graphic Media Design Ba.


‘After finishing my degree I went on to intern at Golden in Leeds, then on to Studio Frith in London which was a really great experience. I am currently interning at Vast agency in Leeds as well as being mentored by Robert Boon of Inventory Studio (part of YCN’s mentoring programme). On top of that I am doing free-lance work on the side!

My self initiated work has become a direct response to current social and world affairs. As an artist, these factors inform my motives. I really enjoy reinterpreting the visual and anthropological environment which surrounds me. My aim when portraying a concept is to tap into the viewers consciousness with specific combinations of aesthetic associations, creating visual metaphors and new methods to communicate a specific ideal to the viewer.’


‘I’m currently working on two self initiated projects when not at my internships. The first is based around creating a typeface attempting to embody the economical down-turn of the UK, and the second project is based upon North Korean defectors. Both quite intense subjects, but very interesting. Unfortunately I have been busy with my internships, so the projects are slow burners, but will hopefully be completed by the new year!’




Website | @jamessanderson6