University of Lincoln Graduate Illustrator Ashley Tunbridge

Ashley Tunbridge aka ARTunbridge Illustration is a graduate of the University of Lincoln.


‘I’ve always had a passion for drawing and storytelling, from copying from book and magazines like ‘The Beano’ to making up my stories and illustrating them. My early inspiration came from Marvel comics, The Beano and Disney movies, as well as many much-loved picture books. Over time I’ve been inspired by many different influences and spent a long time in my teenage years doing some very bad fan art of my favourite movies like lots of young artists do, leading to a more fine art approach whilst embracing my love for comic art. During my foundation year I began to explore German Expressionism and Lino cuts as well as working with a more illustrative style.’


‘After a year on the joint Fine art and Illustration degree course at the University of Lincoln, I decided that I’d prefer to pursue the illustration route and so continued the course as an Illustration student. I experimented and explored many new techniques in this time and briefly in my second year I worked on a Children’s Picture book project and flirted with Photoshop for it (Which a good friend spent a very long time and many all-nighters in the Library helping me with).

This lead to a fascination with creating artwork with Photoshop and incorporating textures in my work as well as completing the circle and leading me back to Picture books, but instead of reading, I had a passion for illustrating them. My influences range from Quentin Blake and Oliver Jeffers (whose traditional styles have encouraged me to explore incorporating painting, inking and collage into my own work alongside the textures and pencil lines that are prominent in my own work) to digital artists such as Alberto Cerriteño and Steve Simpson.’


‘I’m currently working on a very secret project with a very talented illustrator and friend as well as building my portfolio and constantly searching for ways to improve my art.’




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