University of Lincoln Illustration Graduate Jojo Cooper

Jojo Cooper is a recent illustration graduate from Lincoln university, and studied art & design for 3 years at north notts college.


‘I consider myself to be a children’s illustrator, largely influenced by my child hood (sounds cliché) I have always had an interest in children’s illustration just because of how magical and fun it can be for people of all ages. I also have two children of my own which influence me enormous amounts, I guess I just want to show the world the big kid inside of me. With my work I want ordinary children to see it and be inspired, just like I was when I was small, to learn them there is something fun in life if you want to find it. It sounds really cheesy but that is my passion in life to bring happiness through pictures.’


‘At the moment I am working on personal projects, I am aiming to create a small illustrated book of nursery rhymes, it will be printed and available to purchase through myself. I am also in talks with a freelance writer of writing and illustrating our first children’s book together, which is to be started next year and to be published. I am pretty much into everything at the moment freelance wise; from mural design for local businesses, logo design for new small businesses & to pencil portraiture..



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