Visual Artist Bogdan Teodorescu

‘I don’t ask myself too often whether I am an artist or a designer, simply because I think in many ways these two categories interfere one to another. Of course, my education is based on art study and practice, but this is just a background if we consider design something more than just its definition. At the Academy (in Cluj-Napoca) I studied Ceramics, although I intended to go for Graphics or Painting departments.

I must admit school was most of the time disappointing for many reasons. Amongst them the rejection of interdisciplinary ideas and projects, for the sake of a pretended tradition or technical rigour. I suppose my taste for interdisciplinary comes from curiosity and a sort of tolerance for variety and complexity. Still, I like so much simplicity and try to make my work in the same time simple or limpid and confusing.’

Bogdan_Teodorescu_Peau de Tigre, Oil on canvas

Bogdan_Teodorescu_Susuk Necklace

‘My influences source from ephemeral and humble things, others’ work, media and clichés and sometimes from the history of art. I found clichés interesting because they seem empty of any profound meaning, but in fact they have the capacity of renewing and change into surprises. When it comes to other artists’ work, if I feel influenced or impressed, I try also to appropriate their work, in some way to make it mine. Luckily, when I take a look retrospectively, I see so little of these influences. They look well hidden. I do also believe things have an inner life and power transgressing any other meaning an artist can give to a certain item.

At this moment I try to come back to ceramics, linking all former artistic experiences. It’s in the same time frustrating and provocative performing ceramics without the help of a kiln. Maybe this kind of practice have its limits, but nevertheless expands the limits of ceramics concept. Simultaneously I am developing my big project Tigre en Papier, searching to see fashion as a field of melting ideas; I am not too fond of the practical side of fashion, I like it more conceptual. I see it similar to painting and installation, from an inner point of view. Another of my projects is a book about clichés in art. Together with it I do eclectic object through which I recuperate futile things, collages and painting, planning for an exhibition next year, perhaps in London.’


Bogdan_Teodorescu, Magi's Present

Bogdan_Teodorescu, Reves pures

Sebastian SAUVE_Bogdan TEODORESCU brooch portrait

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