Collage Illustrator Ben Morgan

Illustrator Ben Morgan is from Exeter, a graduate in illustration from Plymouth University he describes his main style of working as ‘making brightly coloured, paper-cut collage illustrations.’


‘I grew up in a creative environment as my family are both artistic and musical. So ever since I was little I wanted to be an artist or do something creative. At college I did an Art and Design BTEC, and planned to go down the fine art route, but I found it too frustrating as, for me, the work concentrated too much on the idea rather than the actual artwork. So later on during my Foundation Diploma I found illustration and this seemed to suit me much better. Now three years later, I have graduated from Plymouth University with a degree in illustration. Such a great course, and I feel I have really found my own style of being creative and creating artwork.’


‘I have two styles of working within collage which are both traditional. My main style of working is making brightly coloured, paper-cut collage illustration. With this style I concentrate more on story telling (children’s picture books & comics) and location artwork. My other style is different as I create portraiture collages using magazine cuttings only. My Influences are Eric Carle, Sarah Fanelli, Robert Hunter, Sanjay Patel, Adventure Time, Studio Ghibli and book publishers Planeta Tangerina and Nobrow.

With my brightly coloured collage illustration, I create my own painted textures using sponges, cling film, rollers, brushes and I’ve even used marbles covered in paint and then rolled around in a tin. I cut out block coloured shapes and then apply coloured pencils to add emphasis on expressions or to add greater detail. When I design characters or illustrations, I draw roughs in pencil and then I use colouring pencils and block colour to try to approach the final image. With my other style, I’m currently concentrating on portraiture as I find it a real challenge. I actually cut out differently in this style compared to my painted collage work. Here I cut mainly in strips so that I can layer to create shading.’


‘This year I exhibited at the Doddiscombsleigh Art Show, which was an amazing experience and having people buying my work was a great confidence boost. I am currently working on a children’s storybook about a turtle who is scared of being eaten. I also have a few ideas on creating some animations to music I have made, whilst in the magazine style I am planning to do a series of celebrity portraits.’




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