Freelance Illustrator Russell Mountford aka Remouse Illustration

A graduate of Glyndwr University Russell Mountford aka Remouse Illustration is a freelance illustrator working out of Manchester, find his work as part of Happy Medium gallery show (Wales) in January.


‘All my life I’ve wanted to take on the path of a creative life style and Illustration was always the area that stuck out most to me. Over the years, I jumped between styles and media, not truly knowing what to do with my artwork. It was during my time at Glyndwr University, that I started to focus my style and create one that truly reflects myself as an artist.

My aim in my artwork is to create something that anyone can enjoy from the young to the old. My main influences throughout my work are the natural world and the stuff you learn in a history lesson. I could sit for hours researching an ancient culture and just soaking up the inspiration.

I love using my illustrations to tell a story and each piece I create will have a little story behind it. It could just be a little anecdote I thought up whilst sketching or a full epic story, either way It will have its own tale to tell.’


‘The process in which I work never seems to change. I always start off with a doodle or scribble. If I like it, I’ll draw it over and over again in my sketchbook until I’m happy. Despite being a majorly digital artist, I always do the line work traditional with pen and ink because honestly Its just something I enjoy doing. Then I scan it into the computer and just go over the line work in Illustrator, for a cleaner finish. Then I render it all in Photoshop. Probably seems a lot of work but I enjoy it.

At the moment I have a few projects in the works. Firstly I’ll be presenting work at a gallery show and doing some live painting with the Happy Medium crew down in Wales, around January. I’m creating a series of prints inspired by helmets worn by the samurai and finally, making the start to my first ever story book. If all goes well that’s something I would want to focus on, creating my own range of books that appeal both to adults and children.’





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