Abstract Artist Daniel Abbott

Daniel Abbott is an artist who now lives and works in London, previously he has exhibited work in London, Bristol, New York, Gothenburg and Munich.

Moments of clarity 600

‘After concentrating on prints for much of 2013, I’m currently exploring painting again as we begin 2014.
The start of this is ‘Moments of Clarity’, which is an exploration of chaotic moments in our lives and the idea that even the calm bits are not often moments of total clarity. They are murky and less than straightforward. Despite the leaning towards darkness in paintings like this, I always want them to be aesthetically pleasing. Colour and space are key and something that I enjoy battling with each time I visit the canvas to paint. I recently returned from a long trip to Sri Lanka where colour is really apparent. The brightest greens I’ve ever seen contrasting the orange of both the earth and a buddhist monk’s robes.

My Tree Hugger series has been popular and I continue to develop them. I’m particularly pleased with Tree Hugger BLK. A stripped down version of the original Tree Hugger 1 print, available in a limited edition of 8.’



‘My influences are mainly from urban decay, landscapes, street art and imagination. It’s important to me that my work leaves something open for interpretation and imagination on the part of the viewer. I don’t want the meaning to punch you in the face, it’s better to allow you to consider it slowly.’




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