Freelance Illustrator Ollie C Design

Oliver Callanan works under the name Ollie C Design, originally from Guildford, South London. Oliver is currently completing his studies in BA Illustration at Plymouth University.

Lincoln Stamp Design

‘Upon learning Illustration, I always challenge my creative process varying skills from typography and advertising to animation. My style of drawing is developing through detailed, precise and expressive mark making, adapting new techniques and approaches to offer a creative versatile skill set in design. I try to achieve the balance between power, humour and logic to create my imagery.’

Ya in context

‘I am a confident team player with a motivated attitude. If I’m not drawing or designing I’m thinking of fun ideas that could connect with an audience. I’ve always been eager to learn and get involved; therefore I’m part of the Design and Print makers society as well as teaching workshops to expand my public speaking.

My passion is built around powerful imagery; generating imaginative context to intrigue, entertain and connect with relevant target audiences. Idea generation and problem solving intrigue me. I see myself as a team player and would suit a studio environment working within a creative team where I am ready to respond and develop from the people around me.’

Badass Honey Badger

If Only Once Again My Hair Would Sprout



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