Graphic Design & Illustration from Ben Boothman

Ben Boothman is another graduate in Graphic Arts & Design from Leeds Metropolitan University.


‘I graduated in Graphic Arts & Design at Leeds Metropolitan University this year. The course and it’s versatile approach to design left me with a desire to continue developing my understanding of the subject and keep maximum creative freedom. Since graduating I decided to stay in Leeds where I currently freelance, opting to stay in the city that nurtured my creative interests.

My work often finds itself somewhere between illustration, logo design, type creation and layout, each often meeting somewhere in the middle. While not always the case, I use bright colour as a device for underlying optimism in the majority of my work, regardless of the subject matter. I also work alongside Leeds based designers Reetso, working on socially orientated design and art projects.’


‘Organisations such as Pictoplasma inspire my work greatly, namely their pursuit of powerful character design, which I feel has helped me to mould the characters that underpin much of my illustration pieces.’



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