Graphic Designer and Illustrator Junn Tseng Yean

Junn Tseng Yean is a Graphic Designer and Illustrator currently based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with a BA (Hons) Graphic Design from Central Saint Martins.

Merry go round animated

‘My main interests lie in publication design, branding, animation and illustration. My illustrations are in form of papercuttings, using a simple piece of paper, stripped of any additional colours, I carve out scenes and characters to either convey a message or tell a story. There are usually underlying themes of journeying to unknown worlds and exploration in my works and is childlike in nature.

My papercuts started off as a hobby and was a world I made up to escape in, and as I progressed, I have sort of incorporated a bit of movement and interactivity. Having a background in animation I guess it was inevitable and I really wanted to breathe some life into my works. ‘


Go Forth

‘Cartoons and games definitely play a major part as my influences. It was only later that I would discover the amazing Rob Ryan, that inspired me to really devote myself to pursue the art of paper cutting.

I have been freelancing and keeping myself busy with personal projects. I’ve just completed the second issue of the online publication, Varsity London, which is a collaboration between editor, Megan Wray Schertler and web designer, Shiho Yokoyama. I am currently venturing into the indie game scene with a friend, and we are now in the works of producing our very own game, which we are really excited about.’



Going to Japan

Happy Mommas Day

Desert Journey