Illustrator and Graphic Designer Haroon Ehsan

Haroon Ehsan is an Illustrator based in the North West, currently getting back into Illustration after an 8 month hiatus. He graduated from The University of Salford in Graphic Design in what seems to be a very long time ago.


‘I have a broad range of influences from; artists to authors and movie directors to sound artists. I am a firm believer of being inspired by the moment and by the people. An idea can come from what might seem like a meaningless conversation/dialogue with a person/people who get his creative juices flowing. I’m usually mo inspired when I’m nerding out over movies with my friends, a certain scene or a particular camera angle sets of a chain of events in my mind that leads me to a composition of work. A lot of my images have movie references within them, some more obvious than others.’


‘I enjoy creating images that have their own narrative, an image that doesn’t have words but tells a story. I struggle with words, I’ve never really been great at expressing myself with words (typing this was a challenge), so when I draw I feel as though a part of me is represented in my work. My work does come off a little dark at times, primarily due to the lack of eyes .

I get asked a lot why my images lack eyes where they need to be. My mother once told me a story about the images we create with eyes and what happens to them when we die. As a 6 year old, that really isn’t a story you need to hear. Needless to say its stuck with me and I’m still freaked out by drawing eyes on faces.’


‘Currently, I’m working on a clothing line. Its a side project whilst I freelance, but I do hope to have a substantial line in the near future. I’m also trying to go back to my roots in terms of the tools I use, I feel as though I’ve been working in digital for so long. I really want to get back to working with pencil rather than sitting in front of Adobe Illustrator all day vectoring. I’m also very particular about the use colour, there is why I use solid colours and a simple palette. I feel as though colour is just as important as the content, it can set the mood and feel.

I have a few personal projects I’m working on, but I will be moving to Japan in March 2014 so for now I’m just trying to draw as much as I can. I’m a little excited for what 2014 holds in store for me when it comes to personal growth and content I put out. I hope to share some awesome projects with you guys!’




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