Interview Textile Surface Designer Katrina Lewis

Here we share a short interview with Katrina Lewis, a student of Staffordshire University she is Textile Surface Designer, specialising in mixed media.


Who is Katrina Lewis? How would you describe your Textiles work?

I am a Textiles Surface Designer specialising in mixed media work. Currently, I am in my third year of Staffordshire University studying Textile Surfaces. I was first introduced to embroidery in high school where I became fascinated with the intricate detail that could be created by stitch and therefore my interest in textiles developed. I enjoyed scrutinizing embroiders stitch work and worked at re-creating what I learned in new and unique ways. Combining my new skills of stitch with fashion, I began to up-cycle garments bought from charity shops.

My work has developed during my years of study and is now very experimental. I enjoy working and stitching with unusual materials and breaking the traditional “rules” of embroidery. I use a lot of expressional mark making in my work and transfer this to stitch, as I love drawing. I try to create original and exciting pieces of work.

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Why did you pick Staffordshire University? Is it a place of study you would recommend?

I picked Staffordshire University as the course content sounded exciting. I would recommend the course to anyone. We have our own desk space, great workshop facilities and exciting up-to-date machinery. We also have a lot of time with the tutors, who have been extremely supportive throughout, encouraging each of our own unique abilities.

What or who have been the biggest influences and inspirations whilst at university?

My favorite artist is Karen Nicol. I came across her book “Embellished: New Vintage” and was truly inspired. I constantly refer back to her work whilst creating my own pieces. Her work is beautiful; she is a very talented textile artist. I love how she combines different textures and manipulates fabric and paper.

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Heading into the final months of your course, how are you preparing yourself?

I have been very busy already; it’s all very exciting. I have learnt many techniques and have done lots of background research and feel that I’m ready to start my final collection. I’m just excited to get going now.

Is it something your excited or nervous by?

I have really enjoyed the freedom of university, being able to pursue any brief I choose and being very experimental with new techniques. However, I am excited to get into the “real world” of design. I’m very excited for new designers at the end of the academic year to showcase my work. I can’t wait to get a job and work in a studio. It has always been my dream to work in a creative environment.

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320mm x 160mm (+5mm bleed)

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