Lauren Bates Winchester School of Art Woven Textiles Student

Woven Textiles designer Lauren Bates is a student of the Winchester School of art.


‘I’ ve always had a passion for design, particularly within fabrics. The way it feels, the way it moves, the use of colour, the way it changes the look or mood of a space or body. Growing up within a creative family I think I was always destined to make and create things. I enjoy researching for a project, looking at as many different elements as possible. As well as this, I also like constructing things such as sculptures or taking my own photographs to draw my own primary research.’


‘My inspirations are structure, geometrics, graphic design, science, the body, architecture and three dimensions. When creating a fabric collection I create a series of both hand woven and digital jacquard woven fabrics. I use my other skills to push my collection by exploring other surfaces such as, digital fabric printing, lazer cut textures, and embroidery. Whenever I design anything, one factor I’ve always been inspired by is to create something that connects with people on a level that the ‘want’ overcomes the ‘need’. This helps me focus that however creative my designs are, it is important that it’s adding value to the user, wether it be emotional or functional. Designing fabrics for the Fashion and Accessories market is what I enjoy most, however I am always exploring how my designs can be adapted for interiors and alternative products. With my passionate outlook towards the weaving industry I hope to keep the craft contemporary and inspiring to those who are unaware of it.’


‘For my most recent project ‘Motion Difference’, I looked into the Optical Art movement. Multiplying illusion techniques and creating kinetic geometrics. Developing a collection of luxury, woven fabrics for a fictional contemporary menswear company that I had created called ‘HEVRO’. The project brief was to create a final product using your own woven cloth, I therefore chose to create a conceptual fashion garment. The colour palette that I used displayed the confusion between the shades of navy blue and black, furthermore leading into various tones of the two colours. I am now preparing for my final major project, which will be showing in Winchester School of Art in June 2014. I plan to explore colours further and push my designs into a more abstract movement.’



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