London College of Communication Illustration Graduate Rebecca Matthews

A graduate of the London College of Communication in 2013, Rebecca Matthews is an Illustrator, Graphic Designer and fully fledged Lobster.



‘Graduating from LCC in May 2013 studying Graphic Media Design, specialising in illustration, my work has always been a mix of strong and simple graphics combining the medium of photography and manipulation. I have always had a strong interest and intrigue with photographs and how they can be changed to create new images. My work mostly revolves around fashion and body and linking and changing into nature and natural forms of landscapes and objects around us. I like to create surreal entities, atmospheres and landscapes, almost creating my idea of what utopian images would look like.

My influences mostly come from our natural world, things that appear delicate made into bold strong imagery and vis versa, looking at harsh angles and ‘unattractive’ substance, then reconstructing into something alluring and slightly surreal. Rene Magritte, Nick Knight, and Laszlo Moholy-Nagy are examples of artists/photographers who’s work inspire me.’



‘Current projects at the moment is a collaboration designing patterns and imagery for a line of clothes which we are currently having made. The plan is to produce, shoot, and create a look book to promote this small collection. The garments and look book will be ready in late SS13. Collaboration is with my design partner and our business Lobster Collective.’