Second Year Graphic Design Student Robyn Makings

A second year Graphic Design student at Teesside University, Robyn Makings has a strong interest in illustration. She has a particular interest in children’s illustration and to create work with the intention of making people smile.


‘I’m currently in my second year of studying Graphic Design at Teesside University, and throughout the last year have realised that I’m very much an Illustrator. I’m never more at home than when I’m doodling (cooing over sloths on YouTube is a close second, however,) and I’ve tried my best to relate all my university projects to my passion and mould each brief to fit my aspirations.’


‘When working, I aim to create light-hearted pictures and text that will make a viewer smile – my illustrations won’t change the world, but they might change your mood (hopefully for the better!) I find myself inspired by illustrators such as Gemma Correll, Oliver Jeffers and Emma Yarlett and am fascinated by children’s books – is there anything more gratifying than opening a book to be greeted by beautiful illustrations before immersing yourself in another world?

Because of my interest in illustration and narrative, I approached my most recent university project by creating a promotional illustrated story booklet in an attempt to gain knowledge and experience when it comes to writing and illustrating books aimed at children. I’ve also previously written and illustrated a zine and am currently working on my second one for a university module. This year, I intend to further develop my knowledge of this field by tackling the Macmillan Prize brief with an original story that I’m currently still tweaking. Alongside this I’ll be furiously doodling and experimenting with different media and techniques to see how I can develop my style throughout my remaining time at university!’




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