Surface Designer & Jeweler Laurel Nathanson

Laurel Nathanson is a jeweler and surface designer from the US.

‘I am a jeweler and metalsmith by training with a Bachelors of Art and a Masters of Art in Jewelry/Metal Arts. I have always had an obsession with pattern and color and have always tried to bring them into my metalwork, usually through found objects. A few years ago I learned about art licensing and surface design, and knew it was a direction I wanted to pursue.’


‘My current jewelry line combines my roots as a metalsmith, with my passion for surface design. Sugarcoat is handmade copper necklaces and bracelets for kids and adults. My surface design and illustrations are printed and set onto the jewelry with a thick glossy coat of resin.

When I am not Sugarcoating I am working on surface designs and doing cool jewelry tutorials for my blog. This month I am getting back to my mixed media fine art with public art commission piece. No matter what materials and tools I use, there is always lots of color, lots of pattern, lots of craziness.’






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