Type Designer and Typographer Alessia Mazzarella

Alessia Mazzarella grew up and was educated in Italy, but she has also spent time studying and graduated from Central Saint Martins and the University of Reading.


‘I grew up in Italy where I studied Graphic Design for my bachelor’s degree. The program was oriented more towards theory and architecture and it provided a sound educational background. I moved to London to pursue Graphic Design at Central Saint Martins as a counter-balance to my Italian studies. I was always pushed to experiment, to work outside my comfort zone, and I gained practical knowledge and skills working on a variety of projects, especially those focussing on type and typographic design.

Deciding to study Typeface Design at the University of Reading was the natural next step for me as I have always been interested in combining research with practical work, which is the guiding philosophy at Reading. This approach helped me in designing a typeface for a script that I wasn’t initially familiar with, and it was the most satisfying experience in my student career. By comparing early drawings with the latest ones, I can see how little my eyes could notice at the beginning and how research and its application in design has helped my process of learning.’



‘Since graduating in December, I have been working on my typeface, Prakashan, scheduled for release, with both Latin and Odia scripts. I have also begun some personal projects alongside freelancing actively as a type designer and typographer. I decided not to be based in a single place as one invaluable part of my education was being constantly exposed to a great variety of people who, with their diverse backgrounds and their helpful feedback, influenced my work enormously. I try not to follow or limit my work to any specific graphic style but to approach every project as a new challenge with the relevant context in mind.’



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