University of Portsmouth Graduate Animator Sasha Dale

Sasha Dale is a traditional animator working in the UK, a graduate of the University of Portsmouth in 2013.

‘My work is a mix between traditional animation methods, using only pencil and paper to animate and digital compositing and sometimes colouring.I am constantly learning and I am always discovering new ways of doing things. I love experimentation. As well as animating I also enjoy painting using ink, water colours and acrylics.’


‘I love early animation and especially enjoy seeing an individual animator’s style just from the way a character moves or their unique drawings. My main influences from childhood are Chuck Jones and the Fleischer Brothers. I absolutely love the work of Joanna Quinn and Bill Plympton and use them as my main influences when animating. My final graduation film was Dance of the Sugar Plump Fairy. This animated piece was heavily influenced by Joanna Quinn and her character Beryl. I also created an animation for WWF which was used for the WWF Belgium Save the Polar Bear Campaign.’

‘I am currently working on an animation for the Harvard Stem Cell Institute and working along side Neil Brewer and Friends to create a music video to the song Dodgeball. I chose a simple look and have been using the animation style and design of the old Charlie Brown films.
I am also going to be working on a small animated piece that will be featured in a Sci Fi Film for Loose Cannon Films. On top of that I have plans to open a small online shop later this year for greetings cards and art prints and also working on my own films.’


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