Artist and Illustrator Tanya Pshenychny

Tanya Pshenychny is an illustrator from Chicago, who loves to create illustrations with watercolor and ink.

‘I was born in and raised for the first part of my childhood in Ukraine. We moved to America when I was 9 and I learned my ABC’s with a battery-operated “Talk’N’Learn” toddlers’ toy (Yes, that image I found online is that exact one!). We lived in Wisconsin Dells for a few years before moving to Galesburg, IL, where spent the rest of my childhood.’


‘Besides my artistic and writing training in high school, I’m self-taught. Upon graduating high school, I continued to develop my artwork further, and started to display my paintings locally. Later, I worked as a photojournalist for a local newspaper for a short time. One of my dreams was always to create editorial illustrations, so that led me to my first assignments to create editorial illustrations for The Paper (sadly, no longer running.)

My artistic influences include Salvador Dali, Tim Burton, Tara McPherson, Jeff Soto, and Alex Pardee. There have always been subtle messages in my illustrations that were my own statements, but mostly the goal to create an experience for the viewer and spark some curiosity about the world around him or her. I grew up with having to listen to all the bad news from the newspaper being read to me, about bad things happening around the world. It’s been a battle trying to see the beauty and positive things within the ugly, negative, or the mundane things. Because of that, my work is whimsical or humorous with a dark side and it tends to revolve around humans, nature, and human nature. Right before I moved to Chicago in 2010, I started writing a lot more to articulate and organize all my thoughts. Eventually, my writing started to evolve and go together with my paintings and illustrations.’


‘In May 2013, I started my project IllustrArticles – illustrated articles about important stuff for important people. It’s an illustrated satire newspaper website. There are news and stories. The illustrarticles aren’t really connected to the other, either. Basically, I illustrate with words and bad puns, too. The site is updated with a new illustrarticle whenever something important happens and sometimes Thursdays.

Today, I continue to write and illustrate IllustrArticles , work on freelance illustration and commissions, and peddle my paintings and prints online and at art shows and art fairs.’







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