Falmouth University Illustration Student Emma Bevan

Emma Bevan is currently in her 3rd and final year at Falmouth University studying Illustration.


‘Falmouth has been an inspirational place to studying as I am surrounded by many other creatives and beautiful environments. During my time at university I have had the chance to explore different materials and aspects of illustration. However from the early stages of my degree advertising is something that really inspired me, I tend to think of how my work could make a change, and the way of thinking really motivates my way of working. ‘


‘I have travelled to Costa Rica and Africa where I worked with communities on projects they were working on. The local people I met on these trips have truly inspired me and my work.

I always try to link my illustration to a charitable cause, in particular environmental issues, even my dissertation was focused on charity advertisement. For example I have created a speculative project based on my experience in Africa as well as projects on Greenpeace and WWF existing campaigns. I really appreciated charity advertising as I personally feel it is very important to advertise these issues in a creative and conceptual way to help influence society. This theme of work is something I intend to continue after I complete my degree at Falmouth.’


‘My particular drawing style is inspired by banknotes. My father is a portrait engraver at De La Rue, a Banknote company. I have been fortunate enough to have spent time in the design department. My father is a particular influence and a mentor to me.’




Website | @EmmaBevan13