Freelance Illustrator and Artist Ben Wills

Ben Wills is a 21-year-old freelance Illustrator and Artist, currently in his final year studying illustration at Plymouth University.


‘The university course has really helped me develop as a creative individual and forced me to become organised with juggling various modules, freelance work, and starting up my independent clothing company “Black Spot Apparel” all at once. In my little free time available I occasionally work in a screen-printing studio, skate, and surf. I love anything relating to maritime subject matter, and Plymouth is such a great place to be for this. Macabre artefacts greatly interest me, and people often ask if I have dark satanic thoughts because of this, which couldn’t be further form reality.’


‘I’m currently finishing a commission with Rock band “Great Man theory”, any commission involving a subject that interests me I get stoked on, and this is definitely one of them. I’m also generating some ideas for other commissions I’ve been set but they’re still in the early development stages.

Like everyone else, I’m completely unsure of what’s going to happen in several years time. For now I’m just hoping the freelance work keeps coming in, and work hard to be one of the lucky few that make a living from being creative.’





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