Freelance Illustrator Charlie Simpson

Charlie Simpson is a freelance illustrator and model maker living in East London, a graduate of University for the Creative Arts.

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‘My work generally starts off in sketchbooks, which I like to keep a few of, of different shapes an sizes, and like most illustrators I have a passion for drawing. I listen to a lot of radio and although inspiration for my work comes from a variety of places, radio plays and podcasts like ‘This American Life’ defiantly offer a lot. The array of odd stories and tales of remarkable characters take me to ideas I wouldn’t usually stumble upon.’

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‘As an illustrator the tools I use tend to be pretty traditional often using coloured pencils, inks and graphite, creating pieces that are pretty narrative driven. However, my scalpel and cutting board are often in use as I enjoy taking my illustrations off the page turning them into paper models, statues and mobiles etc… Occasionally I describe myself as a paper engineer but that’s probably a bit pretentious and suggests a more scientific approach. Whereas they’re more playfully created than that, as I try to present my drawings in a different manner.

Currently I have just finished a fairly lengthy project for children’s publishers creating a menagerie of paper, dinosaur models, which was really good fun. But because of that I’ve been slacking on all the little bits. So I’ve got quite a lot of self initiated projects to finish and some self promotion to get on with. Also with my friend and illustrator Faye Moorhouse we are looking to put on an exhibition of our work in the summer in Brighton.’

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