Freelance Illustrator Philip Shelly aka P Brain Illustration

Philip Shelley started his art education at Strode College, he has since completed his Illustration degree at Plymouth University.


‘During my Art foundation course at Strode College I was introduced to Photoshop, which completely changed my creative process. My Tutor showed me the basics and some work he had done using Photoshop and I went from there. I have gradually learnt different techniques and tricks to help define my work. Learning Adobe Illustrator and getting a wacom tablet also changed and advanced how I work. I suddenly had a completely different way of working whilst holding onto my old techniques, which I felt, made my work interesting. I now create bold and sometimes messy pieces of work, which reflect my own fears or thoughts. I enjoy the mixing of clean bold lines with messy textures and brushes.

Two big influences came from two artists called Tim Marrs and David Choong Lee. Tim Marrs helped influence my use of Photoshop and David Choong Lee’s work showed me interesting ways of using collage.’


‘I spent three years studying Illustration at Plymouth University and only really found my own way of working in my third year. I was starting my final year project and I changed what I had originally planned to do about three weeks into the project. This is because a new brief had been offered and when I read it I got an image in my head of a really graphic portrait of a face. When I got home I tried to quickly rough it out on Photoshop and from that rough image I based an entire project, refining that rough image and producing more like it. Since leaving University I have experimented and developed that style and it has become the way I work today.

At the moment I am currently working with a business called Moo and Two who own a Tea Gallery in Mevagissey where they sell tea but have combined it with an art gallery. I have been producing posters and advertising artwork for their website and café. It’s an on going working relationship and so far it has really helped me to work on my Graphic Design skills.’




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