Graphic Designer and Illustrator Meg Vaughan

Meg Vaughan is a 22 year old graphic design graduate from Nottingham Trent University.



‘The course at Trent encompasses many areas of design, from hardcore website coding to handcrafted illustration and everything in-between. This has been great for a ‘jack-of-all-trades’ like me as it’s allowed me to develop a broad skillset and work across lots of different disciplines. I always say I believe in solution led design, not design led solutions; being able to work with different styles and media allows me to create outcomes I believe to be most appropriate to the brief. I would say that my main focus is probably branding, however you’ll see that I work with packaging, editorial, digital, typography and illustration too.

Since graduating, I’ve spent a lot of time in London on placements and freelance contracts with the hope of finding permanent work. Alongside that I’m undertaking a couple of personal projects, including a submission for the D&AD 2014 New Blood Awards. I think being recently graduated and new to the industry is often quite intense but I’ve been having a great time. At the moment I’m concentrating on drawing, creating and networking and hoping that the hard work pays off!’

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