Illustrator & Visual Storyteller Maria Brozozowska

Maria Brozozowska is a Leeds College of Art Graduate in BA in Visual Communication.


‘The course encouraged us to follow our curiosity in all creative directions. It was only in my final year that I realized that I wanted to pursue illustration professionally, so, I am just at the beginning of a self-discovery journey through color and form.’


‘I call my style of illustration ‘magical realism’. I enjoy visual storytelling through the merge of realism and fantasy. I have a passion for children’s book illustrations because I find freedom in how quirky and unusual the stories can be, very much like a child’s imagination.

I am a third culture kid; born in Poland, raised in Turkey and educated in England. I think my work reflects a mix of cultures, ideas and influences. Masters such as Jozef Wilkon, Javier Zabala, Dusan Kalla, Henryk Tomaszewski have guided me along the way encouraging my imagination and embracing the unfamiliar, however, inspiration has a very vast extent for me. My life, my dreams, observing the nature, remembering moments, words that I hear, all of these shape-shift into my art. I want each person to find a trace of their own story in my work. Very much like opening a book and reading a sentence that you completely understand because you have lived and felt it.’


‘In September I took part in a competition, in the Italian city of Cremona, organized by L’Associazione Tapirulan. The contest invited illustrators to produce work interpreting the idea of ‘Eden’. After passing the first eliminations from among 700 candidates, I was delighted to be one of 48 illustrators selected for the final exhibition which runs until 2nd February 2014, as well as being among the 12 printed in the 2014 calendar. Since graduating I’ve stayed in Leeds and have spent my time working as an illustrator. I’m currently concentrating on creating a series of illustrations that I’ve started to sell at different fairs and have started to apply on different mediums. I am constantly discovering new territory in my art and I am excited in knowing that everything is a new experience that allows me to grow as an artist.’




Website | @brzozo