Third Year Graphic Design Student Ben Vickers

Ben Vickers is in his third year of studying Graphic and Communication Design (University of Leeds), currently working in Industry through various internships.


‘I am currently undertaking a year in industry, where I’m hoping to gain as much experience as I can working on live briefs and developing my knowledge of design in the real world.

I have just finished an internship at Linney Design in Nottingham. Here I worked on a range of projects for brands including Monster Energy and the Post Office. This has definitely allowed me to develop the way I work, and will undoubtedly benefit me when completing my final year.’


‘I wouldn’t say my work has one distinct characteristic, as I like to explore different styles and influences to create new opportunities. Importantly this keeps the process exciting, as I want every piece of work to have its own identity. This is why I like being able to work on such a wide variety of projects, as for me one of the greatest satisfactions is being able to enjoy the designing process, and producing a piece of work that you, as the designer can also appreciate.

I think it is this, which makes me really value a strong concept behind a piece of design and is something I try to implement in my own work. Of course this doesn’t mean that I want every bit of work to be deep and meaningful, but I like being able to see where a design has grown from.’




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