Winter-Hébert Creative Director Nathaniel Hébert

Nathaniel Winter-Hebert runs his studio Winter-Hébert (with wife Lana), from the wilds of rural Quebec, where it’s not uncommon to see deer walking past my window on any given workday!


‘Like most aspiring designers, I did my time at several Toronto agencies, putting in long hours as dues in my climb from junior designer to creative director. After several years, I decided that I wanted to work for myself, taking the leap towards creative independence with projects that inspired me, so I packed up my Toronto apartment and headed for the hills, quite literally.

Thanks to the magic of the internet, we’re no longer bound by geographical restriction and as such, I’ve had the opportunity to work with amazing people from around the globe. It’s been great to discover that making a career by working remotely is absolutely viable: I run my studio, Winter-Hébert, from the wilds of rural Quebec, where it’s not uncommon to see deer walking past my window on any given workday.’


‘As I work in tandem with my wife, Lana, we pool our combined education from OCAD, Concordia, and The Art Centre, to create a harmonious balance between classical typography and modernist principles. Our approach can differ from project to project, as we tackle commissions with blank slates, and it’s only after investigation and immersion in the subject matter that meaningful design solutions take form.

I get really excited when I can approach a project from a typographical standpoint, as “type as image” can have such a powerful visual impact. We actually create a lot of custom typefaces for commissioned pieces in order to give them a unique voice; they don’t exist outside of the projects they’ve been designed for.’


‘My greatest inspiration is drawn from Modernism, with an emphasis on typography, hierarchy, and concise, effective composition. I also find that the past is an undiscovered country, so to speak, as there are many great ideas lost in time that can be built upon to create new work. When I’m not chopping wood or canoeing to the grocery store, I can be found with my nose buried in old design books and type specimens.’




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