Designer and Illustrator Jessie Bayliss

Designer and Illustrator Jessie Bayliss is in her final year studying Illustration at Falmouth University.


‘I tend to draw inspiration from the characterful customers I serve at a Coffee shop in Falmouth to my collections and hoardings of vintage magazines and conversation print silk scarves. I like my work to have a hand rendered quality, preferring a linear approach. By using a fine rotoring pen against thick inky brush strokes, I love the contrasting effect this can can give a piece.

I’m Influenced by an eclectic range of illustrators and designers, at the moment I am inspired by the work of Nina Chakrabarti, John Vernon Lord, Edward Bawden, Emma Block, Rifle Paper and Adam Hayes.’


‘I have a strong interest in reportage illustration, enjoying observing and recording people’s character and quirks, sometimes even anthropomorphising them. During last Summer I began a mini project quickly drawing customers whilst taking their order in the coffee shop. This project has been surprisingly thought provoking and successful, indicating that reportage illustration is a really good foundation to build your illustrative practise on. Jenny Soep nails this process with her wonderful reportage illustrations drawn at gigs and music concerts – Lucinda Rogers is also great at this!

I absolutely love food and illustration is a lovely way of documenting good food! I’m also passionate about print design. Currently I am working on producing a conversational print based on British Heritage for a YCN Competition – I’m thinking ice creams!

Being passionate about packaging design and hand rendered typography I’m in the middle of designing an informative illustration for takeaway coffee cup packaging. I love seeing illustration in print and serving its purpose.’


‘Another area of Illustration, I have a keen interest in, is children’s illustration. I love the dark and highly detailed work of Mervyn Peake and Gris Grimley also being very much influenced by Victorian Illustrators like J. Grandville and obviously John Tenniel! I spend a lot of my time dreaming up weird children’s stories and designing characters to illustrate them.

Studying in Falmouth has been amazing its a pretty special place with a quick walk to the seafront, or a sea swim if I’m feeling brave, seems to heal just about any problem! The Uni Tutors have been great as well – they really seem to set you up for ‘the real world of illustration’ and have helped me develop a diverse portfolio. Its also lovely to be around so many like minded people!’




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