Final Year Falmouth University Illustration Student Katie Ponder

Katie Ponder started her journey into illustration at UAL, Camberwell, doing the foundation course. It was there that Katie quickly realised illustration was the one for her.

Design juices -Words have wings

‘Since then, I have spent the last three years studying at Falmouth University, where under the guidance of some amazing and inspirational tutors, I have been experimenting and making a lot of mess but hopefully at last getting to a good place with my visual language.

I work with collage and mixed media, creating my own textures and using old found imagery along with self-made marks to create my work. I love the playfulness that working with collage gives: cutting out shapes and moving them around until something clicks and the image pulls together. With in my work I like to explore quite deep and sometimes emotional themes. I have enjoyed re-illustrating old articles from Therapy Today, and books about human psychology.’

Design juices -Rite of Spring, Arrival

‘Recently I have been very interested in ballet. I would love for my illustrations to be a conceptual starting point for a big scale theatrical ballet production somewhere like the Royal Opera House. I think that ballet and dance is a magnificent and powerful story telling media which I have been really inspired by. At the start of this year I did a project in response to Stravinsky’s music from the ballet The Rite of Spring. I created an audio book to go with the musical score, and reimagined the story from the ballet to work as a visual novel. This series of work is my own angle on how I might visually direct a ballet production.

Currently I am working on a project designing 3-d sets for another ballet –Les Sylphides. When I graduate this summer and move home to London, I hope to continue working on theatrical and music inspired projects and to work as an illustrator for magazines and adult books. It would be a dream, to one-day work in collaboration with musicians and theatre companies.’

design juices -woman and wolf reflection

Design juices - Rite of Spring, Infertile

Design Juices -Rite of Spring, AWAKENING

Design Juices- Secrets

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