Freelance Graphic Designer Alissa Fulton

A typography lover, Alissa Jane Fulton is a recent graduate of Central Saint Martin’s University and is currently working as a freelance designer in Zurich, Switzerland.


‘My love for typography came about quite accidentally! I actually started out as a painter, taking higher level IB Visual Arts in high school and nearly specialised in Fine Art during my Foundation course at Central Saint Martin’s. Towards the end of my second year of my Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design, also at St Martin’s, we had to decide on a main focus for our final year. Realising my work was nearly entirely typographic and had a story-telling quality, this led to the realisation of my love for type.

In my final year at university I was part of The Typography Club led by Phil Baines and Catherine Dixon which really brought out the type nerd in me. We managed to do a lot of great things such as learning traditional calligraphy with bamboo pens, being graced with the presence of Seb Lester for an inspiring lecture, designing our own stencil typefaces and then developing them into digital typefaces. This stencil typeface I developed was then featured at the Student Typeface Exhibition for the Ampersand Conference in 2013 and printed in their book. Another great opportunity I welcomed, was taking over as the new graphic designer for the second issue of Newturn magazine, a magazine created by a student-run organisation that encompasses subject matter on politics, economics, culture and sports.’


‘The Typography Club also organised typographic focused trips such as going to Blackpool to see the Comedy Carpet (designed by Gordon Young and the Why Not Associates), and going to Holland and Belgium to visit the KABK MA Type and Media Design Course, the Plantin-Moretus Museum, Museum Meermanno, and Thomas Gravemaker’s letterpress studio. Whilst living in London I was lucky enough to attend the Typo London events in 2013 and regularly visited type related lectures at the St Bride Library. All of these things, while having educated me to such an extent, have also greatly influenced my work and fuel my love for typography and design as a whole. I also find inspiration by looking at public lettering in cities; signs on doors, tiling on pavements, shop signs, street numbers, anything typographic that grabs my eye! I love visiting second-hand and vintage shops to find inspirational material such as vintage cookbooks, old books, stamps, or antique plates. I’m a bit of a hoarder and like to collect objects that interest me, such as old wine crates, tea tins, paper bags from farmer’s markets, old decorative type, and bottle labels.’


‘My infatuation with typographic design led me to a very hands-on path, spending most of my days in the letterpress studio and doing a fair bit of bookbinding. I became very attached to creating handmade objects that held sentimental value and fell in love with the process of creating. I like to use type to convey meaning and to make it into something more than just something you use to read. I love creating typographic patterns, using bold colours, and being playful in my approach to my work. At the moment I’m based in Zurich, Switzerland and am freelancing, working on several different projects. The main project I’m working on at the moment is a collaboration on a healthy cookbook. I’m contributing my recipes (as another passion of mine is cooking) and designing the entire book itself, which is very exciting.’




Website | @alissafulton7