Freelance Illustrator Becca Kelly

Becca Kelly is a recent graduate from Sheffield Hallam University where she completed a Masters in Graphic Design specialising in Illustration.


‘Alongside my studies I worked with a number of companies including The International Digital Media Academy a creative platform for emerging talent, Hantu an independent street wear label, UK Greetings the UK’s market leading publisher and manufacturer of greeting cards and Lemonade Illustration Agency a global illustration agency who represent some of the leading artists working in the industry today.

Since leaving university I’ve really began to appreciate the pursuit of drawing for the sake of drawing and have found that it usually produces my best work. My artwork is just a way of me paying homage to the things that I like, whether that be related to music, film or fashion. My portfolio is filled with animals, figures and famous faces, which range from Miss Cara Delevingne to Sir David Attenborough.’


‘All my illustrations are created using pencil and paper because I like the idea that my work looks hand drawn and that you can see every lead stained smudge and scribble on the page. I never usually have a predetermined idea of what the outcome of my work will look like, I just seem to experiment and often rely on a lot of unintentionally enhancing mistakes. I’ve explored a number of different techniques and styles over the last few years to try and make my work more clear-cut and graphic or more abstract and arty and from this I have found that my illustrations now sit somewhere in between the two, which I’ve titled – precisely, imprecise drawings.

Currently I’m working freelance both on design and illustration projects. Some projects I’ve recently worked on include illustrating for books and music artwork to designing logos for amazing craft’ers such as Sally Makes Art and Company Magazine winners Trends with Benefits. As well as this I blog for Ohh Deer, which I always find interesting and inspiring!’


At the moment I’m just in the process of re branding my website/portfolio, so I’ll be launching my new site, Facebook page and shop soon, which I’m really excited about!



Website | Tumblr@Beccakellydraws