Graphic Designer Josh Gowen

Josh Gowen is a recent graduate from University College Falmouth with a degree in Graphic Design. Originally from Great Yarmouth in Norfolk, and now living and work in London.


‘Before graphic design had even crossed my radar I was mainly interested in photography, and it was actually my photography tutor during college who recommended I try the graphic design course, probably thinking I’d be far better at it that photography. I signed up and did both years of the course at the same time, which was a bit daunting knowing nothing about design, but I found that I enjoyed it, so decided to try and do it at uni.

I accepted a place at University College Falmouth in Cornwall, where I discovered how startlingly little I actually knew about design. While there we were encouraged to do brief covering all areas of design, and while I loved branding and packaging, I found that my main interests were in typography and data visualisation. I’ve always been quite a logical person, so found the complexities of conveying information and making it easily understandable really satisfying. It also allowed me to research and collect data about some of my biggest interests, which are science and space, and experiment with digital and hand drawn types of visualisations.’



‘After graduating I moved to London and spent a short time working at a publishers and an advertising agency. I’ve kept doing personal projects on the side, some of which have been featured in magazines like Wired and a couple of data design books, which has lead to more freelance work. I’d like to move into doing it full time if there is enough work available. It seems to have really picked up speed recently, with much more data easily available and studios like Accurat doing amazing things with it, its a really exciting time to be doing it.’




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