Graphic Designer Luke Sutton

Luke Sutton describes his work as highly informed, he analyses and questions every decision. What is the purpose? What is the message? For Luke, design cannot go ahead if the concept isn’t fully formed or understood.

CV Booklet

‘Luke has seven years of Graphic Design education and has worked in almost every branch of it.
More recently, his focus has been with branding and logo design. He has produced some visually
stimulating and highly creative work. At the age of 22, he has worked for eBookers, Joining Hands
Kent,, Think Zest Design Agency and many more.’


“I have always had this creative side to me and I have a lot to thank Paul Saunders for—he was the
teacher that really got me into graphic design.’ Luke continues, ‘though I am a “Graphic Designer,”
this is only a fraction of my role and it doesn’t come until the end. This is something a lot of people
don’t understand; I need time for discovery to know how to respond to a brief. With this knowledge,
I can then begin planning a project and actually developing a powerful concept. I think more than I


Luke believes that our job isn’t to live forever—it is to create something that will.


Ashford Festival 2014 Logo


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