Illustrator and Street Artist Shawn McCann

Shawn McCann is an illustrator/muralist/street artist that grew up on the plains in North Dakota and currently lives in the Twin Cities in Minnesota. He is a graduate of the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and has worked on projects ranging from children’s books, product illustration, murals, installation art, 3D street painting and teaching.

McCann-Great Draw

‘As an artist with a diverse creative life, projects tend to be balanced in their scope by allowing for the smallest of images in the books to the largest in building size murals. Current work includes 4 books that I am illustrating, 2 that I am producing, a number of mural’s that will be starting soon and a number of events this summer. I love the diversity and scope that each one presents and the creative challenge that they require. No two projects are a like which really keeps me on my toes. Some of the projects that have stood out in the past as great experiences include creating a 100ft mural in Mumbai, India at IIT Bombay, being a part of the Wilhelmshaven International Street Art Fest in Germany, creating a pop up tropical park and also a 4000 sq foot Rembrandt Graffiti room at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.’


‘When it comes to influences in my life, there are so many artists and people that come to mind. First of all my family has always been the most staunch supporters of my work. Without their support and encouragement, I wouldn’t be on the same path I am today. Artistic influences abound with many of the artists that I have come into contact with on my journeys. Fellow street painters, illustrators and artists keep the creative juices flowing thru our interaction and creation of work. Seeing the wide array of amazing art that they are creating helps me to keep my progression going as well. Artists such as Kobra Kobra, Blu, Tracy Lee Stum, Anat Ronen, Bob Staake, Dan Santat, etc to artists from the past like Arthur Rackham, Gustave Dore, Cezanne, Matisse, Van Gogh, and Kandinsky. And finally I could not forget the people who helped me professionally such as my professors and my mentors Marty Skoro and Terry Howell Stanley.’





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