Illustrator and Surface Pattern Designer Brittany Zeller-Holland

‘Brittany Zeller-Holland loves traveling to remote destinations like Patagonia and Mongolia and researching indigenous art from around the world at the library or by wandering around museums. She also can’t seem to tear herself away from Pinterest, blogs and often slips into daydreams about her next weekend getaway or moving to a cabin somewhere with more snow. Brittany’s various pastimes inherently influence her pattern designs, which feature lively palettes, geometric shapes and modern interpretations of traditional subjects and seasonal celebrations.’


‘Brittany and her husband, Dylan, are darn proud to be living in Detroit, Michigan with their rescue pup, Nellie. And it is there, after seven years of testing the waters in various studio and corporate environments, that she has bundled up all of that experience in trend research, product design, illustration, marketing and web design to set out on her own working under the moniker, Two if by Sea Studios, LLC.’


‘Her creative process often involves loads of lists, little sketches of shapes and motifs, some design vellum, artist pens and then her favorite part of the process – scanning, adjusting and playing in Photoshop and then creating the repeats in Illustrator.

Brittany is currently working on hundreds of patterns in anticipation of her debut at Surtex in New York City from May 18-20, 2014 (Booth 251)! She hopes to connect with potential clients in the home décor, gift & stationery and textile industries.’





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