Illustrator Charlotte Vallance

Charlotte Valance has always loved art and design, to her it was only natural to study Visual Communications at Birmingham City University. “The course allowed me to look into various areas of design before specialising in illustration and printmaking. These two practices are the base of all my work now.”

DJ_Amersham Museum

‘After university I travelled the world and have been continually inspired by my trip and holidays since – a lot of which can be seen in my ‘Down Your Street’ blog of my building illustrations. Getting home I picked up my sketchbook and started out on the freelance illustration route before getting a job screen-printing at a print company in London. I now am a professional screen printer at a lithography printers and a freelance illustrator. My profession is great because I push the boundaries of what I know about the practice and am constantly learning things that I can apply to my own work – and vice versa. The two styles are worlds apart but have the same approach when it comes to printing.’

DJ_down your street

DJ_screen print in home

‘Buildings are a favourite of mine to illustrate, and as I said before, are often from my travels, reminding me of good times! So it makes me happy that my next few commissions I have lined up are for house portraits. I can create these in a number of styles, the most popular being in watercolours.

It’s funny where my work takes me, as the direction it’s going in now, I never could of predicted. For example, at the moment I find myself painting ‘new baby’ greeting cards, which has only come about after a small request from a friend, but they’ve really hit off and been a success. Along with greeting cards I’m screen-printing tea towels and trying to broaden my range of screen prints. Mix this in with working on commissions for wedding invitations, house portraits and design work for local companies I definitely keep myself busy! For now it’s a balance between the different areas of my work while I figure out my next move with my own designs – which definitely keeps my mind fresh with ideas.

People often ask me in amazement how do I find the time, but I would be lost if I didn’t always have a sketchbook nearby and projects to work on.’

DJ_house portrait

DJ_new baby card

DJ_screen print

DJ_tea towel

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