Interview Surface Pattern Designer Eryn Carlisle of Zeryndipity

Eryn Carlisle is a surface pattern designer and Illustrator who has turned her creative entrepreneur hat on to start her business Zeryndipity.

“I really loved Savannah. SCAD is a great school, and it pushed me to create work that I didn’t even know I was possible of creating.”Eryn Carlisle

EJ_Carlisle_PortraitWho is Eryn Carlisle? What were your first creative influences?

That’s a packed question! Lol. I’m a graphic designer/artist working to make a name for myself. I’m an army wife, and a soon to be mother! I have an amazingly supportive husband who has encouraged me to focus my attention on making my dream come true- which is becoming a professional surface pattern designer.

My first creative influences actually came from my family. I have an older sister who is an artist/photographer who runs her own photography studio- Frostbot Creative. I remember watching her for hours as she would draw and paint. I also have a cousin who is an incredible illustrator, my dad, grandpa and uncles are all writers, and I have an uncle who is a musician. So I was always surrounded by creativity growing up!

What made you shift away from Etsy in selling your work?

This was a very tough decision. I evaluated my goals and where I want my career to go and I realized my effort vs. reward wasn’t what it should be with running my shop. It was also taking time away from designing, so I wasn’t producing as much artwork as I would like. I will miss getting in my new fabrics, which was always exciting, and I’ll miss participating in art festivals and talking to all the wonderful people I got to meet – who knows, maybe down the line I’ll participate in art festivals again 😉

A graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design, did you enjoy your time there?

I really loved Savannah. SCAD is a great school, and it pushed me to create work that I didn’t even know I was possible of creating. I got to meet and work with designers from all over the world such as Iceland, Scotland, India, Indonesia, South Korea, and the list goes on. It was an incredible experience. It was actually my last year at SCAD through an internship with Working Class Studio (a division of SCAD) that I learned how much I loved surface pattern design – and that it was even a career.

Who are your favourite people to follow on twitter?

There’s so many! I’m a HUGE fan of Amy Butler’s work (@AmyButlerDesig1) so her of course, and I also really love Monica Lee of Smart Creative Women (@SmartCreativeW) because she’s always sharing advice for creative women to be successful. And now you of course 😉

What are your biggest plans and targets in 2014?

I have to admit I’ve already achieved my biggest goals for 2014 already! I got picked up by ‘A Fresh Bunch’, and landed my first art licensing deal! Of course, I have goals for many more licensing deals! I didn’t seriously start pursuing surface pattern design until last January, and I have been learning as much as I can and this year my focus is really pushing to break into the industry. ‘A Fresh Bunch’ may be participating in Surtex which I plan to be a part of if they go, but if not I would like to at least go and walk the floor so I can get a feel of what is involved in doing a big tradeshow and talking to other designers and studio’s. I’ve been considering applying to Printsource in NY this fall, but I haven’t made a decision yet- I want to see how Surtex goes first.

Away from working how do you enjoy relaxing?

Game night!! I love having friends over to cook out and play games. When I get the chance I love to be out on the water (typically a lake) and taking long scenic drives with my husband. We’re also pretty big dorks and love the SyFy channel, ‘Haven’ anyone? 😉 I’m also a pretty big reader and enjoy getting lost in a good book.






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