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CLOSED Win a Place on the Art & Business of Surface Pattern Design E-Course

Make it in Design are launching a new Module 4 for the Art & Business of Surface Pattern Design e-course, they have kindly offered one place for 1 lucky reader on the course (worth £579.)

makeitindesign giveaway

How To Enter

For Example “I want to win with @designjuices & @SurfacePatternD #DJGiveaway with Make it in Design”

Module 4 Brochure



  1. Entries must be made by Friday 21st March Midnight GMT.
  2. You are allowed one entry per day via Twitter or Comment.
  3. Please use your correct email when entering via comments below (so we can contact you if you win.)
  4. Design Juices will pick the winner at random, our say is final.
  5. The course starts March 24th 2014.

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  • Anneline Sophia

    After doing mod 1-3 and seeing what it did for my design business in the first year, I would love to have the opportunity to take module 4. I am ready to learn more and to take the next step to follow my dream. Winning the opportunity to do so would be amazing!

  • Esme Sharples

    I did Modules 1, 2 & 3, and I MISS IT!!! I would be SO HAPPY to be able to do Module 4, to learn more, and to hopefully push my own work further :)

  • Monette Pangan

    Haven’t done any of the modules before but I’d love to be able to take module 4!

  • heroinax

    I’d love to take this e-course. There’s no such thing in my country or in my budget possibilities. It’s an amazing opportunity to learn and grow as a surface pattern designer. It would be great to win this scholarship :)

  • rhianoncreates

    I would love to take this course, I have researched it for a while now, and just can’t fit it in my budget. The courses look amazing and it would be a true blessing to be able to take this course!

  • Rosa & Clara Designs

    Would still like to win…

  • Melissa Doran

    oh I’d love to win a place on this course! such a great comp :)

  • Susanne Kasielke

    Entry Day 3: I really still wanna win the spot! Thank you for this fantastic opportunity!

  • Laura Escalante

    Pleaseee pretty please with a cherry on top!! Would love to win a place. Thanks for the opportunity

  • Melissa Watts

    Day 4…clouds in sky 1 (big one)….drawing aids at the ready 18….the weather has turned miserable but not even the wind and rain can dampen the spirit of the wannabe surface pattern designer…we’ll just draw wellies! The ABSPD module 4 place is looming ever nearer and excitement can just about be contained knowing that it may just be unleashed tomorrow. This course place is definately worth more than chocolate!

  • Jared Thompson

    it’s just awful today weather wise, i do hope this doesn’t stick around for the weekend.

  • Jared Thompson

    #awkward I’m not a cherry fan.

  • Jared Thompson

    What was the best module so far esme?

  • Jared Thompson

    Here’s to more success in 2014!

  • Jared Thompson

    Isn’t doing a puzzle and finding that you have 1 jigsaw piece missing the worst thing in the world!

  • Jared Thompson

    So that’s why my hat is filled up with names!

  • Jared Thompson

    i cant cross my toes :O

  • Jared Thompson

    my nightmares usually involve empty wallets.

  • Jared Thompson

    would it rocket you to the moon?

  • Jared Thompson

    I like the cake reference, although I’m now hungry.

  • Jared Thompson

    oooft, decisions, decisions.. I’m going with multicoloured #classics

  • julie hamilton

    Ha! I can…but all it is really good for is a party trick or two.

  • Jess Payne

    Help me look into my client’s souls and produce prints that I can adorn their beloved furniture with. I’m a traditional upholsterer with a modern vision for a ground breaking upholstery service. As a self taught surface pattern designer this course would home my skills and be a true dream come true! Jess :)

  • Beth Hewitt

    I couldn’t possibly put it into words how much this would really be such an invaluable opportunity to help me realise my dreams of having my own product line! SO amazing! Thank you :)

  • Sally Cooper

    Haha! ABSOLUTELY Jared!! That’s why I need to win! LOL :)

  • Eryn J. Carlisle

    Winning this scholarship would help propel my career before my baby comes this fall! Last year after a miscarriage, the idea of becoming a mother made me become focused on what I wanted in life and I enrolled in ABSPD Module 2&3. 2013 I consumed all the information I could about the industry, but I still have a lot to learn. Winning this scholarship would be such a blessing, and an amazing present since my 30th birthday is March 21st ☺

  • Julie Reed

    Crossing my fingers ~ would love a space in the class!

  • Liz Pérez

    I’d love the opportunity to win this scholarship and participate in module 4. I have such a deep passion for the world of surface pattern design that I even created a Facebook group for designers to find inspiration and support. We currently have over 160 members and continue to grow. Pick me so I can spread the word! :)

  • Anneline Sophia

    Thank you Jared :)

  • Rosa & Clara Designs

    Final plea!

  • Anneline Sophia

    How does one put all your hopes and dreams into a few words? Module 4 starts on Monday and I would LOVE to win this amazing opportunity to take the course. Here’s hoping and keeping my fingers crossed.

  • louise wright

    Final entry from me :) Would adore this opportunity to help me and my business grow, it would be a game changer in the best way! please please please!!

  • jessie g

    Hiya, I would love, LOVE to join the class of ABSPD module 4 2014……there is so much of this course that I could benefit from; especially the professional feedback on my portfolio of designs. Keeping my fingers crossed. Jessie.

  • Melissa Watts

    Day 5……D-Day! D for decision, declaration, design, direction, discover, dream. Could also mean distraught, doom and doughnuts by the dozen……:-)

  • Laura Escalante

    Last entry! Would absolutely love to have the opportunity to join Module 4 ABSPD, so much to learn, lots of wonderful people to share this experience with!

  • Susanne Kasielke

    4th and last entry – I really REALLY would love to win the ABSPD Spot! Thank you for this fantastic opportunity!

  • Frankie

    I bake a mean stollen. :)

  • Frankie

    Please randomly pick me, :)

  • Frankie

    Or a lemon drizzle

  • julie hamilton

    My final chance for the possibility of awesomeness and a spot in ABSPD4! Loved the first 3 modules so sitting here with my lucky rabbit foot today just hoping..The last thing I won was a Bay City Roller belt buckle when I was 13… Please help change that. Thanks for the opportunity! ( )

  • Mary Tanana

    Would love to win a spot on ABSPD-4, this one looks like another winner!

  • Karen Dreyfus

    Oh, please I just found this wonderful opportunity. This is an amazing chance at learning and getting smarter and more productive in the Surface Design Field!

  • Bethanie Yeong

    This sounds like an amazing opportunity!