Plymouth University Illustration Graduate Pippa Stewart

Pippa Stewart studied Illustration at Plymouth University, since graduating she has found herself working with Inkygoodness, Fake Magazine, Ohh Deer and Plymouth City Council.


‘At Plymouth University, Illustration was a great course, in my second year there I fell in love with screen printing. I spent my final year creating screen printed books and images mainly based on the Tour De France. Since graduating I’ve worked with Inkygoodness, Fake Magazine, Ohh Deer and Plymouth City Council.

I now live in a town just outside of Birmingham, and with no access to screen printing I turned to digital software, building images up in a very similar way to the screen print process that I knew. I like the texture a pencil crayon creates and I always carry this forward alongside using block colours to build my final images. I enjoy drawing buildings and subjects related to sport but I also like exploring and experiment with different subjects. I’m inspired by the 1950’s and 60’s, the ideas of these eras; the programmes, advertisement, dance & music movements, architecture, sic-fi and their predictions of how our future would look.’


‘Currently I am working on pattern designs, it feels like a natural progression for me, illustration and pattern design fall hand in hand, with drawing being the fundemental core aspect of both. I also have a few personal projects lined up, I want to start making some new zines and wordless narrative work. I’m also hoping to open my online shop in the near future.’






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